ODA completes 10 Jay Street restoration in Dumbo, New York with a kaleidoscopic facade

ODA has completed 10 Jay Street, adaptive reuse of a historical building in the Dumbo neighbourhood of New York. Located by the Manhattan bridge and flush with waterfront views, the renovation honours its relationship between community and East River, heritage and innovation. Dumbo's name is an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, with its cobblestone streets and dramatic architecture left over from its industrial days. Instead of factories, today's Dumbo features art galleries, independent bookshops, boutiques, confectionaries and co-working spaces where startups thrive. 

With the growing demand for site development; the redesign integrates innovative design and landmark heritage locations. For 50 years the derelict structure was left vacant and fell into disrepair until purchased by family-owned Triangle Assets in 1991.

Pavel Bendov

ODA has completed restoration and recladding the front facade of an old refinery and warehouse with a lustrous glass façade. Formerly, the Arbuckle Brothers sugar refinery, which dates back to 1898, the 10 storey building was a massive structure that reached the water, where boats could dock for deliveries and services. In 1925 it was converted into a winery, and later that decade, the front structure was torn off, leaving three of the original facades and an interior party wall exposed to the East River shore.

ODA | Diagram showing original building profile.


Pavel Bendov

"A delicate balance of glass, steel, brick, and spandrels give the building gravitas without compromising its industrial heritage." Explains ODA.
Pavel Bendov

ODA dug into the site's history, drawing a series of skins that evoke sugar crystals, and through its crystalline facade reflects the East River and the Lower Manhattan skyline. The dilapidated structure's renovations restore the three east, north and south original facades to their historical masonry condition, interior brick vault ceilings and columns.

The interior layout opens up the offices to enjoy wide-open views of Manhattan and Williamsburg's waterfront. ODA collaborated with Surface Design Group who provided masonry restoration and window replacement detailing for the landmarked facades and a detailed parametric 3D model of the new north facade. 

Pavel Bendov
Pavel Bendov
Pavel Bendov

"10 Jay Street is a great example of the guiding principles that should steer the development of our future cities," said ODA founder and architect Eran Chen.

"It's a fresh approach to preservation, the mixed-use program gives the building a new purpose, shifting business hubs from city centres to peripheral neighbourhoods, making Dumbo a place to live, work and play. The outcome is intended to be both beautiful and provocative. I believe 10 Jay will stand as an example for growing cities around the world."

Pavel Bendov
Pavel Bendov | Glazing Isometric Diagram
Pavel Bendov
Pavel Bendov
Pavel Bendov
Pavel Bendov
Pavel Bendov

As the conversation surrounding heritage and preservation grows, 10 Jay Street is a prime example of how cities worldwide recover and readapt buildings. Adaptive reuse of buildings can be an attractive alternative to new construction in terms of sustainability and a circular economy.



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Project: 10 Jay

Completion Year: 2019Gross Built Area: 179900 SF

Project Location: DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY

Project Type: Commercial, Adaptive Reuse

Lead Architects: Eran Chen

Design Team: P. Christian Bailey, Ryoko Okada, Mark Bearak, Carolina Moscoso, Kate Samuels, Yongchun Choi, UnJae Pyon

Clients: Triangle Assets, Glacier Global Partners

Consultant: Surface Design Group

Image: Pavel Bendov