Henning Larsen begins construction on the new school in Sundby with an extensive sloping roof

Henning Larsen begins construction on the new school in Sundby with an extensive sloping roof

Copenhagen based practice, Henning Larsen Architects has begun construction for the new school in Sundby. It is scheduled to be the largest construction project in Denmark’s Lolland-Falster region.

Designed to promote local learning and community engagement, the school has the ambition of creating robust classroom spaces and also promote active outdoor learning. Located on the edge of the city, the proximity to Nature is promoted through an extensive sloping roof, which aims to blend the school with the landscape and bring the outdoor inside. The roof level is designed to be open to public at all times and acts as a public space for the larger community.

SORA Images | Exterior View
Henning Larsen | Construction Site

“We have designed a school that works in a field between learning and landscape, and where it is not just about the learning that takes place in the building, but the whole route to and from the school and the way the school will connect to the local community," explained Eva Ravnborg, partner at Henning Larsen.

The school is designed to meet the UN World Language School requirements for teaching facility that support UN Sustainable Development goals through both physical design and teaching curriculum. The primary school will be the first of its kind to achieve Nordic Ecolabel, the region’s official sustainability certification. The design aims to improve energy consumption, indoor air quality and sustainable material use.

SORA Images | Interior view

“It will, in every way, be a completely unique school and a common house in the local area for the benefit of all citizens in the local community,” says Morten Janik, chairman of the school board. With the construction now underway, the school will soon be available as an anchor point for the local community and a global example for progressive learning environment.

The school is expected to open at the end of summer 2022 for approximately 580 students and is expected to be a landmark project in the region.  



Project: Ny skole i Sundby
Client: Sundby, Guldborgsund Kommune
Team: BO-HUS, SKALA Arkitekter, Henning Larsen, ETN Arkitekter, Autens og MOE Rådgivende ingeniører
Location: Sundby, Lolland-Falster
Area: 8.453 m2
Expected completion: September 2022
Visuals: SORA Images



In 1959, Henning Larsen founded his own architectural practice, where he was active for more than 50 years. Henning Larsen designed a vast array of important works of architecture in Denmark and abroad. He was often described as the “Master of Light”.

Henning Larsen has designed numerous distinctive projects that have been acknowledged with prestigious international awards. Drawing on Scandinavian design tradition, we develop vibrant, sustainable architecture that extends beyond itself and provides lasting value to the users and local context.